1. Ticket orders are subject to availability and acceptance by Tri-Concepts Sdn Bhd (204389-P), dba TEG Media and hereafter referred to as the Organiser. The Organiser reserves the right to accept or reject orders at its discretion. The Organiser reserves the right to conduct verification or eligibility checks on any order, and shall be entitled to cancel the order if such checks indicate fraud, ineligibility, or misrepresentation.
2. The Organiser does not exercise control over the Event venue, nor its management or maintenance, and therefore neither the Organiser nor its employees or agents shall be liable for any personal injury, loss, damage, or death which may occur while in the venue.
3. Ticket orders, once confirmed and paid, will not be refunded except in the case of extraordinary or extenuating circumstances, and upon approval of the Organiser.
4. If the Event is postponed or cancelled, a public notice will be made. In the event of Event cancellation by the Organiser, refunds will be made available for confirmed and paid ticket purchases. The Organiser reserves the right to postpone, cancel, interrupt, or halt the Event due to causes beyond its reasonable control.
5. The Organiser (and/or its agent) reserves the right, without refund or compensation, to refuse admission to or remove any person whose conduct is disorderly, dangerous, or inappropriate, or who poses a threat to the security of the Event or to the enjoyment of the Event by others.
6. Event Participants warrant that any photos, videos, or other recordings taken at the Event are for personal and non-commercial use only. The Organiser may use its own photographs and/or video of the event for future promotional efforts without compensation to any Event Participant(s) appearing in photographs and/or videos.
7. Event Participants agree to submit to reasonable search for any prohibited item(s), including but not limited to selfie sticks, weapons of any kind, illegal or controlled substances, dangerous items or contraband, open alcoholic beverage bottles or containers, or illegal recording devices. Event security shall make final determination about what is or is not allowed in the venue.
8. Event Participants voluntarily assume all risk and potential danger inherent in the Event, both prior to, during, or following the actual hours of the Event.
9. The Organiser encourages responsible enjoyment of this Event. Driving under the influence or while impaired is dangerous to yourself and others, and is an offence under Malaysian law. If you drink, make alternative arrangements to driving. The Organiser shall not be responsible for any mishap, loss, or injury to Event Participants or others should Event Participants choose to drive after drinking at the Event.
10. It is illegal under Malaysian law for Muslims and/or those under the age of 21 to consume alcohol. By ordering and purchasing tickets to this Event, and subsequently attending the Event, you warrant that you are legally able to consume alcohol in Malaysia. The Organiser shall not be responsible for any legal actions taken against Event Participants who have misrepresented their eligibility.
11. Event participants are not permitted to remove alcoholic beverages from the Event venue, except for new, sealed bottles of alcoholic beverages which have been purchased. Any bottles of alcoholic beverages purchased at the Event are not permitted to be opened or consumed at the Event.
12. Event Participants agree to wear and display the wristband or other official Event entry pass issued by the Organiser at all times when at the Event. Those not wearing or displaying the required wristband or pass will be refused entry.
13. SPECIAL NOTE: The 2022 Event is open for individuals who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, as defined by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. Event Participants agree to provide evidence of vaccination status at any time during the Event upon request by the Organiser, its employees or agents, or Venue management. Event Participants affirm upon purchase of tickets that they will be fully vaccinated on or before Event date.
14. SPECIAL NOTE: The Organiser and Venue have taken all reasonable measures to ensure the safety and security of the Event and those in attendance. All current Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures and Event Guidelines are followed, as are those of the Venue itself. Event Participants join and attend the Event at their own risk, and neither the Organiser nor its employees or agents shall be liable for any personal loss, damage, or death related to Covid-19 which may result from Event attendance.
15. By ordering and purchasing Event tickets, you warrant that you understand and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

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