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WhiskyPLUS is coming to Penang!

Malaysia’s Premier Whisky and Spirits Tasting Event is again living up to its tagline and bringing the country’s biggest whisky show to Penang. Whether you live on the island or want to make WhiskyPLUS a highlight of an enjoyable weekend visit, be sure to reserve your space early, as tickets will once again be limited. Bring your friends along, too, and enjoy tasting the whiskies of the world in the 6,000 square foot event hall at Straits Quay!

Saturday, November 30, 2019


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WhiskyPLUS is back!

If you are a fan of whisky, want to learn more and try new brands, or just want to see what Malaysia’s biggest whisky event will look like when unveiled in Penang, this November will give you the chance!

Whether you’re a serious whisky connoisseur, a casual aficionado, or a total newbie looking to expand your whisky horizons, WhiskyPLUS is the event for you! Whisky’s popularity continues to soar worldwide, so join us for Malaysia’s premier whisky and spirits tasting event, and take your enjoyment and appreciation for the whiskies of the world to the next level.

One day. Two sessions. Unlimited sampling.



Attention Glenlivet Guardians! 

Watch this space for the full details for special offers and discounts for you, coming very soon!

Dram Full Malaysia members will also be entitled to special discounts, so check the DFM Facebook page soon for all the details!

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VIP Exclusive Early Entry

12:00 PM

General Entry

12:30 PM

Last Call

04:45 PM

Session Ends

05:00 PM

VIP Exclusive Early Entry

06:00 PM

General Entry

06:30 PM

Last Call

10:15 PM

Session Ends

10:30 PM


One Terrific Experience

Great fun, good value, and unlimited tastings of dozens of whiskies and spirits from around the world with a set meal included to complement your tasting experience.

Premium Venue

As always, WhiskyPLUS will be held in a premium venue that offers comfort and convenience for our guests. For the first edition in Penang, we’re heading to one of the island’s most iconic developments, Straits Quay, where WhiskyPLUS will take over the nearly 6,000-sq ft event hall to provide guests with plenty of space to enjoy the event.

Special Perks

We recognise that although WhiskyPLUS Penang will draw plenty of guests who live in Penang, many others will be attending from other locales. If you want to turn your whisky experience into a weekend getaway, you will be able to take advantage of very special room rates at our partner hotel so that you can stay overnight following the event. Details on this coming soon!

Free Collector’s Glass

You will be given a special commemorative WhiskyPLUS Penang Glencairn-style nosing and tasting glass upon entry, and we invite you to take it home with you as our complimentary gift to you! Should you wish to purchase additional glasses in order to have a set, we will have those available, too. (Extra glasses are just RM15 each or RM50 for a set of four. Limited quantities.)


Choose your desired pass for WhiskyPLUS .

Schedule – Afternoon


Unlimited whisky and spirits tasting
Voucher for set meal included
Commemorative whisky glass


 * Normal Price RM178

Choose Gold Pass Regular

Schedule – Evening


Unlimited whisky and spirits tasting
Voucher for set meal included
Commemorative whisky glass


 * Normal Price RM188

Choose Gold Pass Regular

Schedule – Afternoon


Unlimited whisky and spirits tasting
Voucher for set meal included
Commemorative whisky glass
Exclusive tastings of premium whiskies from each exhibitor*
VIP Goodie Bag
Exclusive access to VIP Premier Lounge with extra food, seating, and more

*some limits apply to premium whiskies


 * Normal Price RM288

Choose Black Pass VIP

Schedule – Evening


Unlimited whisky and spirits tasting
Voucher for set meal included
Commemorative whisky glass
Exclusive tastings of premium whiskies from each exhibitor*
VIP Goodie Bag
Exclusive access to VIP Premier Lounge with extra food, seating, and more

*some limits apply to premium whiskies


 * Normal Price RM298

Choose Black Pass VIP

Frequently Asked Questions
What is WhiskyPLUS all about? What’s the PLUS?

WhiskyPLUS is Malaysia’s premier whisky and spirits show. Following two successful years in Kuala Lumpur, there’s been enough interest to take the event to Penang, too! Our aim is to spread the love and appreciation for quality whisky and other spirits by allowing guests to learn about and taste a wide range at a single, special event. WhiskyPLUS is held in a premium venue, and we limit the number of passes sold to ensure guests have a great experience without feeling jam-packed at every turn! The PLUS refers to a few non-whisky offerings, specially chosen to allow boutique bottlers and craft distillers of other spirits to showcase their handiwork to enthusiasts like you! There will also be a Cigar Corner, with an outstanding range of Cuban and non-Cuban cigars on offer, plus the chance to talk with industry pros and insiders, too.

Why are you having two sessions?

In order to allow more people to enjoy WhiskyPLUS, we chose to split a full day into two different sessions with fewer passes available for each session, rather than just having one long session with more passes. Not only does this help ensure a more comfortable and enjoyable experience, it also lets guests choose the time that best suits them.

For those who perhaps want to be introduced to whiskies or enjoy a casual yet comprehensive tasting session by day, our 12:30pm to 5:000pm afternoon session is ideal. The afternoon sessions tend to be attended by more connoisseurs and enthusiasts, perhaps to ensure they get a chance to try some of the more coveted drams before they run out. (Spoiler alert: very few whiskies actually run out during the event!) The evening session, on the other hand, will run from 6pm to 10:30pm and may offer a slightly different selection, but apart from that – and darker skies outside –  the sessions will be the same. In a new offering for the Penang event, those holding VIP passes will be able to enter each session first, 30 minutes before everyone else.

Can I stay all day?

That’s fine by us, though we can’t say we really recommend it! But if you wish to buy passes to each session, you are of course welcome to do so. Kindly note, however, that the venue itself will be cleared and closed between the two sessions.

Can I buy my entry pass at the door on the day of the event?

Most likely, yes. If there are any passes remaining, we will be making those available for purchase at the door. No discounts will apply, and VIP entry passes are not available at the door. This will be updated as we get nearer to the event.

Is there a dress code?

Strictly speaking, nope. Come casual, come smart, we don’t really care. We would probably suggest not showing up in a singlet and flip-flops, but we don’t have a specific dress code. We want you to be comfortable and have a good time!

Will there be any beer or wine available to sample?

Nope. WhiskyPLUS is all about whisky and distilled spirits only. You will find a handful of special offerings of gin, rum, or vodka, for example, but there won’t be any wines or beers!

I want to come with my BFFs! Do you have discounted multi-pass packages?

Check the pricing page for all the packages and passes which are currently available. As specific packages or passes sell out, we will remove them as options. For large groups (10 or more), please contact us directly for additional discounts.

Will there be food available?

Yes, a set meal or snack box is included in your entry fee, and we’re working with F&B vendors at Straits Quay to offer more selection at special prices for those who want a full meal.

What is the VIP Lounge and why should I care?

This is a special area only for guests holding the Black VIP pass. The actual premium whiskies will be poured at the exhibitor’s booths on the main floor (the VIP-only bottles will be on a special mat at each exhibitor’s booth for easy identification), but VIP pass holders can access the lounge area at any time for greater comfort and relaxation. We are looking at some other unique offerings for the VIP lounge, and working with our partners on this, so check back for details as they become available. Kindly note that the number of VIP passes for each session is very limited and there are no multi-pass packages available for this tier.

What are the limits on premium whiskies for VIP tickets?

Those who purchase a VIP pass will receive 10 punches on a card which can be redeemed for pours from the special VIP-only range of whiskies at exhibitor booths. Each pour will require either one or two coupons, so you’ll enjoy up to 10 pours of premium-range whisky (in addition to the unlimited tastings from the rest of the range). These top-shelf whiskies would carry a hefty price tag in any bar serving them, so even though it’s not free-flow, the VIP pass offers you enough premium drams to be a superb value. That VIP pass, much like a Business Class ticket, will also allow you to “board early” – up to 30 minutes before everyone else!

Can I buy bottles of whisky or other spirits at WhiskyPLUS?

Absolutely! Though not every whisky offered for sampling can be purchased, a wide range of them will be made available for take-home purchase at the event at very attractive promotional prices. In fact, some bottles are only available for purchase. We do ask that guests not open their purchased bottles at the event, however.

If I drive, how much is the parking?

In order to discourage driving after drinking, we have chosen a venue easily accessible via public transportation and one which offers easy access by Grab or taxi, too. More details on parking and cost will be updated here soon.

What whisky brands will be at WhiskyPLUS?

We are working with many brand owners, importers, and distributors from Malaysia and across the region to once again bring in a significant number of whisky brands (and various expressions of those brands). As more and more exhibitors are confirmed, these will be updated and noted on our website, so be sure to check back as we get closer to the event. In our inaugural year, we had over 50 brands of whiskies and spirits on offer, and in 2019’s KL edition, we showcased a whopping 61 brands. Though we expect Penang to be a slightly smaller scale event, there will still be dozens of brands, and as always, our hope is that you’ll be introduced to some new labels and expressions of whisky that you’ve never tried before.

Are WhiskyPLUS passes refundable or transferrable once purchased?

Generally speaking, no. Once again this year, we expect a strong response to this event, so in order to be fair and to ensure a quality experience, we have to plan based on the number of passes available for each session. So once the passes are sold, they’re not refundable. We’re also not keen for transfers since we don’t want anyone buying blocks of passes and then reselling them. Measures will be implemented to ensure passes are used only by those who purchase them and strict limits will apply for each purchase.

What if I buy for one session and change my mind and want to attend the other?

Well, it depends. We’re all human, and we understand that things change, so if you buy a pass for one session and later decide you want to come to the other one, just let us know – our info is on the contact page – and we’ll certainly see what we can do for you. If there are spaces available, we’ll help transfer your pass from one session to another. The transfer must be in the same tier (i.e., either Standard or VIP), and you must pay the difference if going from Session One to Session Two. If you’re moving from Session Two to Session One, however, you will not be eligible for a refund of the difference.

What if I buy a Gold Pass and later decide that I want to be a VIP and get the Black Pass?

Basically, the same conditions apply. Just contact us ASAP, and if there are still passes available for the VIP tier in the session you wish to attend, we’ll be happy to let you upgrade for the difference in price.

How can I possibly try so many whiskies in just one session?

You can’t, so please, please don’t try! With dozens of brands being exhibited, many of which offer numerous expressions, trying to sample even a small amount of every one of them would be a big mistake! Take your time, talk to the exhibitors, learn about their products, and enjoy the whiskies you find most interesting. Remember that this is a tasting event rather than a drinking event!


For guests who have attended WhiskyPLUS in KL, you know how the show runs. But if you’ve never been to a big whisky event like this, you’re in for a real treat. However, to make things run smoothly, there are things guests need to know, and of course a few rules and guidelines that need to be followed to ensure it’s a good time for everyone. So here’s the deal:

We encourage and expect responsible drinking! This is an event designed to let you taste a wide range of whiskies and other spirits, quite a few of which will hopefully be new to you. Tasting pours will vary, but most will be around 12-15mL. The number of pours you may enjoy during the session is not fixed, so if you like a particular label, you can return for more, but please don’t ask the exhibitors to top up your glass or “Make it a double!” or anything like that.

Booths and tables will be staffed by people who know about the products they’re pouring, so please ask questions and let them share their knowledge!

Stay hydrated! This is the most important aspect of any whisky event – and often the most overlooked. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the session. We will have water dispensers placed all around the venue for you to drink from. This also allows you to rinse your glass! Each table or booth will also be stocked with quality mineral water for you to add to your whisky if desired. For most whiskies, a few drops of water really helps to ‘open up’ the spirit, tame the alcohol burn somewhat, and release more of the whisky’s character.

A selection of food boxes (choose from Western or Asian sets) will be made available during each session and we encourage you to enjoy what’s on offer at your leisure. Every guest will receive a meal voucher, which can be redeemed for a set meal at various times during the session. In the interest of smart drinking, we also encourage you to eat something prior to arrival at the event so that you’re not adding whisky to an empty stomach!

Upon entry, you’ll be given a special Glencairn-style whisky glass, clean and ready to use for your tasting session, and the glass is yours to keep after the event. If you’d like a second glass to complete a paired set, we will have those available for only RM15 each (or a set of four for RM50).

Finally, be sure to know your limit (and observe it) and behave yourself! This is a whisky appreciation event, not a frat party, so while we want everyone to have a great time and enjoy the fine spirits on offer, anyone causing problems or generally not minding their manners will be subject to a proper scolding from security, up to and including removal from the venue without refund or compensation.

Don’t bring in any booze of your own. We’ll have plenty for you, trust us! Also, if you buy a bottle (or two) while at WhiskyPLUS, these must not be opened at the event.

Smoking is not permitted at WhiskyPLUS, except in specific areas which have been designated by the venue’s management.

The last pour for Session One will be at 4:20pm, 10 minutes before the session ends. The venue will be cleared and closed following the end of Session One (which is at 4:30pm) to prepare for Session Two. The last pour for Session Two will be at 9:50pm, 10 minutes before the session ends. The event will conclude and the venue cleared by 10:30pm. Last pour times are strict, and no ‘last call’ announcements will be made.

VIP passes will entitle the holder to unlimited tastings of all the standard-range whiskies offered, plus 10 punch-coupons to redeem for premium whiskies, which will be offered by most exhibitors. Depending on the level of these special whiskies, each pour will require either one or two punches. Most will be only one punch, so this gives VIP guests plenty of premium labels to try. VIP pass holders will also enjoy early entry to the main tasting hall, access to the exclusive lounge area, and a goodie bag filled with cash vouchers and other treats to take home, as well.

Kindly note that some minor particulars of the event are subject to change. The most up-to-date information will always be noted on this website. For complete terms and conditions of entry to WhiskyPLUS, click here.


WhiskyPLUS is once again being supported by a significant number of well-known brands and exhibitors. The brands and companies noted below were all showcased in the KL 2019 edition. Though the final line-up of brands in Penang is subject to change right up to the day of the event, you’re likely to see many of these brands, either for sampling, for bottle purchases, or both! We will update this list regularly in the weeks before the event.


We strongly encourage guests to think and drink responsibly, and a big part of that is not drinking and driving. Take a Grab, get a friend to pick you up, or take advantage of the  room deals on offer for guests of WhiskyPLUS and turn the event into a weekend staycation!

For those who do drive, we will soon have a complete update of how to get to the venue and where to park.

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7th Floor, Tower Block,
Syed Kechik Foundation Building
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59100, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia



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If you have any questions about the event, please contact us directly. We will respond promptly.


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